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Helping You Move Forward Through My Guiding Principles

No matter how far you go and how much you learn, there is always more to experience and more to learn. If you feel one day; ‘That’s it, I have got it’, you can almost be sure, the next lesson is around the corner and it will be another challenge.

​When I realized that many people got positive inputs from my story and were looking for practical advice and help for their everyday lives, I had to think about it for a while as it was ‘all normal’ for me.

​I am so luck to have direct contact to extremely successful people and I was asked several times during TV, Radio and Press Interview to share ‘my secrets’. Well, there are no secrets. There are only things you do and things you don’t do.


  1. Love can conquer all
  2. Only the one who continues dreaming can stand the reality
  3. Humour and courage are your strongest allies
  4. Who strives for the impossible has little competition
  5. From the stones which lie in your path, you can build bridges
  6. Those who lose courage are conquered. Winners fight on
  7. There is no situation you can change by simply accepting it
  8. Everybody has got the right to turn his own decisions upside down