Thank you so much for giving me your book…people learn from this book because of its strong message: ‘Never lose hope’.

Dr. Itzhak B.

Consul General of Israel

Her very special talent is to put the feelings of people into immediate and concrete action and do so with a smile on her face

Walter P.

Bertelsmann Music Group, Cologne

Ms. Kuhnert has many accomplishments to her credit during the years that I have known her…As a retired professor in the State University System, and as a psychologist with specialties in medical disabilities and behavioral medicine, I value Ms. Kuhnert’s input on many professional matters. She has immersed herself in the knowledge base necessary to understand theory, practice and ethic of professional therapists and researchers.

Dr. David N.

PhD, Miami

I have known Kirsten Kuhnert for many years in the capacity of both mother of a patient and a colleague…She has become a professional in the field, dedicated to improving the quality of life of people.

Dr. Berhard S. B.

PhD Psychologist, Professor at UM

Kirsten Kuhnert combines professional knowledge with exceptional competence. She is morally motivated, selfless and simultaneously very efficient.

Dr. Rolf O.

PhD, Developmental and Pedagogical Psychology, Munich

The energy and power that emanates from her can be felt by any person, regardless of their story

Nomi B.

Photographer, Munich

Experts all over the world, from UM to LMU, work together with Kirsten Kuhnert. She inspired research projects with her knowledge of human functionality and she is respected as a “colleague” among experts.

Juergen L.


Kirsten Kuhnert is my real life heroine. Her unshaded truth connects me with the Hope, Trust and Love inside me…Kirsten Kuhnert, I admire your strength, realness and sensitivity.

Robby S.

Surfer, Maui

Kirsten is an intensely driven coach whose only goal seems to be achieving her clients goals. She structures her plans of action in a way it can’t go wrong and has a confidence which transferred to me, almost automatically. She helps looking at your life holistically and gives you into steering your focus towards what you really want.

Ricarda N.

Physical Therapist, Willemstad

I value her candid and honest advice. Her downright strong sensitivity to her surroundings allows her to uniquely perceive situations and emotions very quickly. During her interventions she is direct as well as empathetic.

Faye D.

Psychotherapist, Willemstad