She is an entrepreneur, a passionate life coach, internationally recognized author, award winning philanthropist and a mother.

Kirsten Kuhnert is a German native, who moved to Florida with her two children almost twenty years ago. She completed medical education, became a purser at a young age before she successfully started her own international sport sponsoring and event marketing company, age 29.

Driven by personal tragedy Kuhnert founded the non-for-profit organization dolphin aid in 1995 , whose president she has been ever since. Through her work, the concept of rehabilitation has gained new meaning for thousands of patients with disabilities.

Thanks to her leadership and dedication, the foundation enabled countless traumatized patients and special needs children to achieve great progress in their rehabilitation for a happy life. Kuhnert works with renowned scientists and is a frequent voice in international conferences.

Her books have been translated into many languages, excerpts have been used in countless publications, articles written about her to many to be mentioned. During her many media appearances and lectures, people around the world are inspired by her honesty, persistence and success.

“She is that rare combination of passion and compassion, that makes this world a better place”, David Nathanson, Phd, about her.

Based on her success Kuhnert is highly requested as a life coach.